372 works. Composer : Ono Seiichi  小野 精一

■Toccata c-major・・・   MP3    (2:20)    

■Prelude in a mysterious country  Vol. 1
・・・At the entrance of a mysterious country   MP3    (4:18)    
・・・Nostalgia for quite old times    MP3   (1:45)    
・・・Cathedral and stained glass     MP3   (6:14)    
・・・Conversation with a witch    MP3  (5:03)  
・・・Fairy which flies about     MP3    (3:10)    
・・・Quiet prayer    MP3    (6:02)    
・・・A mighty angel    MP3    (3:20)    
・・・Words of the tree    MP3    (4:43)    
・・・Evening shower    MP3    (5:06)    
・・・Clown     MP3    (4:40)    
・・・The wind of the plain    MP3    (5:56)    
・・・Iridescent etude    MP3    (4:40)    

■Prelude in a mysterious country  Vol. Ⅱ
・・・Prelude and choral    MP3    (9:14)  
・・・Cold wintry wind    MP3    (7:48)  
・・・Daily life of a gentleman and a lady    MP3    (6:09)  
・・・Snow Trails   MP3     Score   (7:09)  
・・・Rhapsody at midnight   MP3    (4:22)  
・・・Yellow red and gray composition    MP3    (6:00)  
・・・The winter sky    MP3    (4:13)  
・・・Hero's waltz    MP3     (4:33)  
・・・Fallen leaf    MP3     (5:49)  
・・・Old clock in late autumn    MP3     (4:43)  
・・・Moon and small boat    MP3     (5:42)  
・・・Temple bell    MP3     (5:01)  

■Impression Vol. 1
a small fishing village   MP3    (5:13)  
Time drifting through the trees    MP3     (6:15)  
Statue of a brave man rising on a small hill   MP3    (4:54)  
the gentle sun showering down on the church   MP3    (5:46)  
・・・innocent dancing and yearning for the Temple of Artemis
         MP3    (5:09)  

■Impression Vol. Ⅱ ~For the Piano
a tragic hero   MP3     (6:42)  
nocturne of moonlight    MP3    (7:20)
The Sea and the Bright Light   MP3     (6:15)  
poetic songs MP3     (7:09)  
ironic Rhapsody   MP3     (4:34)  

■Elegy・・・   MP3     (8:02)

■Bagatelle  Vol. 1
・・・Bagatelle No.1    Beautiful Memories    MP3     (4:59)
・・・Bagatelle No.2    3 Degree Configuration   MP3      (4:43)
・・・Bagatelle No.3    a variety of situations   MP3      (5:29)
・・・Bagatelle No.4    Invention style   MP3    (5:11)
・・・Bagatelle No.5    Afternoon bell    MP3     (5:06)
・・・Bagatelle No.6    Waltz of Flowers     MP3     (4:40)
・・・Bagatelle No.7     
         Wheat field that can be seen in the distance    MP3     (6:05)
・・・Bagatelle No.8    Dusk of summer    MP3     (5:06)
・・・Bagatelle No.9    Thunderstorms     MP3    (5:55)
・・・Bagatelle No.10    Allegro di molto    MP3     (4:43)
・・・Bagatelle No.11    Mirage    MP3     (5:37)
・・・Bagatelle No.12    Shelter from the rain    MP3      (4:34)

■Bagatelle  Vol. Ⅱ
・・・Bagatelle No.13    Cloud    MP3     (5:47)
・・・Bagatelle No.14    Bees     MP3      (5:38)
・・・Bagatelle No.15    Ondine     MP3      (5:11)
・・・Bagatelle No.16    Daphnis and Chloe    MP3    (5:50)
・・・Bagatelle No.17  
         One summer day, the mountain said    MP3      (5:58)
・・・Bagatelle No.18    Butterfly    MP3     (6:58)
・・・Bagatelle No.19    Sunset    MP3      (6:06)
・・・Bagatelle No.20    Carnival    MP3     (6:59)
・・・Bagatelle No.21    Morning glory    MP3     (5:45)
・・・Bagatelle No.22    Silhouetted    MP3      (6:01)

Mental scenery

・・・Ballade  No.1    MP3      (8:25)
・・・Ballade  No.2    MP3      (11:46)
・・・Ballade  No.3    MP3       (9:39)
・・・Ballade  No.4    MP3       (9:46)

・・・Ballade  No.5    MP3      (10:11)

Scherzo・・・MP3     (10:36)

New impression
・・・hydrangea wet in the rain    MP3      (9:50)
Morning scenery with Autumn air   MP3      (8:20)
・・・Lakeside reflected moonlight    MP3     (10:39)
・・・in an alley with fallen leaves    MP3     (11:24)
・・・In the middle of snowing    MP3      (10:28)

Fantasy ・・・MP3      (12:29)

Poetic scene

・・・Nocturne No.3    MP3    (8:36)
・・・Nocturne No.4    MP3    (9:23)
・・・Nocturne No.5    MP3    (9:22)

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   Music Bells

☆Points to keep in mind
 The copyright of the the sound source belongs to the composer.
 It can only be reproduced for personal use.
 The individual works are independent of each other.

Description of the work (Japanese)

 I was originally an improviser.

 I became a composer in 2017 and specialize in piano solo.
 Member of Japan Composers Federation
「History of compositiom」
・2017: Toccata, Prelude
・2018: Impression, Elegy, Bagatelle , Mental scenery vol.1~109
・2019:Mental scenery  No.110~258, Ballade, Scherzo
・2019:New impression, Fantasy, Poetic scene vol.1
2020:Poetic scene vol.2~4, Nocturne No.3~5