358 works. Composer : Ono Seiichi  小野 精一

■Toccata c-major・・・   MP3     Score   (2:20)    

■Prelude in a mysterious country  Vol. 1
・・・At the entrance of a mysterious country   MP3    Score  (4:18)    
・・・Nostalgia for quite old times    MP3     Score   (1:45)    
・・・Cathedral and stained glass     MP3     Score   (6:14)    
・・・Conversation with a witch    MP3     Score   (5:03)  
・・・Fairy which flies about     MP3     Score   (3:10)    
・・・Quiet prayer    MP3     Score   (6:02)    
・・・A mighty angel    MP3     Score   (3:20)    
・・・Words of the tree    MP3     Score   (4:43)    
・・・Evening shower    MP3     Score   (5:06)    
・・・Clown     MP3     Score   (4:40)    
・・・The wind of the plain    MP3     Score   (5:56)    
・・・Iridescent etude    MP3     Score   (4:40)    

■Prelude in a mysterious country  Vol. Ⅱ
・・・Prelude and choral    MP3     Score   (9:14)  
・・・Cold wintry wind    MP3     Score   (7:48)  
・・・Daily life of a gentleman and a lady    MP3     Score   (6:09)  
・・・Snow Trails   MP3     Score   (7:09)  
・・・Rhapsody at midnight   MP3     Score   (4:22)  
・・・Yellow red and gray composition    MP3     Score   (6:00)  
・・・The winter sky    MP3     Score   (4:13)  
・・・Hero's waltz    MP3     Score   (4:33)  
・・・Fallen leaf    MP3     Score   (5:49)  
・・・Old clock in late autumn    MP3     Score   (4:43)  
・・・Moon and small boat    MP3     Score   (5:42)  
・・・Temple bell    MP3     Score   (5:01)  

■Impression Vol. 1
a small fishing village   MP3     Score  (5:13)  
Time drifting through the trees    MP3     Score  (6:15)  
Statue of a brave man rising on a small hill   MP3     Score  (4:54)  
the gentle sun showering down on the church   MP3     Score  (5:46)  
・・・innocent dancing and yearning for the Temple of Artemis
         MP3     Score   (5:09)  

■Impression Vol. Ⅱ ~For the Piano
a tragic hero   MP3     Score   (6:42)  
・・・Nocturne by the Moon   MP3     Score   (7:20)
The Sea and the Bright Light   MP3     Score   (6:15)  
poetic songs MP3     Score   (7:09)  
ironic Rhapsody   MP3     Score   (4:34)  

■Elegy・・・   MP3     Score    (8:02)

■Bagatelle  Vol. 1
・・・Bagatelle No.1    Beautiful Memories    MP3     Score    (4:59)
・・・Bagatelle No.2    3 Degree Configuration   MP3     Score    (4:43)
・・・Bagatelle No.3    a variety of situations   MP3     Score    (5:29)
・・・Bagatelle No.4    Invention style   MP3     Score    (5:11)
・・・Bagatelle No.5    Afternoon bell    MP3     Score    (5:06)
・・・Bagatelle No.6    Waltz of Flowers     MP3     Score    (4:40)
・・・Bagatelle No.7     
         Wheat field that can be seen in the distance    MP3     Score    (6:05)
・・・Bagatelle No.8    Dusk of summer    MP3     Score    (5:06)
・・・Bagatelle No.9    Thunderstorms     MP3     Score    (5:55)
・・・Bagatelle No.10    Allegro di molto    MP3     Score    (4:43)
・・・Bagatelle No.11    Mirage    MP3     Score    (5:37)
・・・Bagatelle No.12    Shelter from the rain    MP3     Score    (4:34)

■Bagatelle  Vol. Ⅱ
・・・Bagatelle No.13    Cloud    MP3     Score    (5:47)
・・・Bagatelle No.14    Bees     MP3     Score    (5:38)
・・・Bagatelle No.15    Ondine     MP3     Score    (5:11)
・・・Bagatelle No.16    Daphnis and Chloe    MP3     Score    (5:50)
・・・Bagatelle No.17  
         One summer day, the mountain said    MP3     Score    (5:58)
・・・Bagatelle No.18    Butterfly    MP3     Score    (6:58)
・・・Bagatelle No.19    Sunset    MP3     Score    (6:06)
・・・Bagatelle No.20    Carnival    MP3     Score    (6:59)
・・・Bagatelle No.21    Morning glory    MP3     Score    (5:45)
・・・Bagatelle No.22    Silhouetted    MP3     Score    (6:01)

Mental scenery

・・・Ballade  No.1    MP3     Score    (8:25)
・・・Ballade  No.2    MP3     Score    (11:46)
・・・Ballade  No.3    MP3     Score    (9:39)
・・・Ballade  No.4    MP3     Score    (9:46)

・・・Ballade  No.5    MP3     Score    (10:11)

Scherzo・・・MP3     Score    (10:36)

New impression
・・・hydrangea wet in the rain    MP3    Score   (9:50)
Morning scenery with Autumn air   MP3    Score   (8:20)
・・・Lakeside reflected moonlight    MP3    Score   (10:39)
・・・in an alley with fallen leaves    MP3    Score   (11:24)
・・・In the middle of snowing    MP3    Score   (10:28)

Fantasy ・・・MP3    Score   (12:29)

Poetic scene



☆Points to keep in mind
・Be sure to defend repeat.

   I was originally an improviser.

   I became a composer in 2017 and specialize in piano solo.

   Member of Japan Composers Federation

・2017: Toccata, Prelude
・2018: Impression, Elegy, Bagatelle , Mental scenery No.1~109
・2019:Mental scenery  No.110~258, Ballade, Scherzo
・2019:New impression, Fantasy, Poetic scene vol.1
2020:Poetic scene vol.2~7